Toll Free Number


Toll free number

We at bulk SMS shop provides best Toll free number services.

Toll free number service is provided to enhance business. This service allows customers to contact your business for free.

A toll free number is a telephone number that does not cost the person making the call. The recipient of the call usually a business or customer care pays for the call is beneficial for long distance call as customers can reach to a business that are not in their local area or nearby.

We provide: *get premium 1800 number:

  • Flexible plans
  • Quick setups
  • Call quality
  • Support
  • Tracking
  • Multi level IVR systems
  • Real time routing.

At bulk SMS shop we provide you intelligent network with easy to remember series to the enterprises.

You can use our Toll free number service to enhance your customers free number service to enhance your customer service by always staying in touch with them. It helps businesses to maximize the call volume, drive better sales and improve retention rate.

Toll Free Number are numbers start from 1800-0000-000 , this number is being used as same for all India and no prefix is required, this number is a complete office automation tool , as this number is cost free for those who are dialing this, this number is having an option of call forwarding to multiple operators in real times, as this number is integrated with pri-lines which are high bandwidth lines, toll free number as is free of cost so the queries are high so as the response comes on sales, this toll free solution is best for all type of businesses, as we see these numbers are majorly used for real estate companies / marketing agencies / shopping portals / placement agencies etc who are looking for high number of responses per day. We provide best solutions with best price for your requirements, for more info call us now.

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