Lead Generation BFSI CPA CPL


Lead Generation (BFSI/CPA/CPL)

Gage your business to new heights through end to end lead generation.Get high quality leads and increase your business eligibility.

At bulk sms shop we keep in mind your need, interests for BFSI (banking financial services and insurance solutions) digitally for best results.

Our lead generation is being used by businesses

Insurance Sector: Best possible quote for insurance

Real Estates: Data analysts target customer behavior

Banking : Increased roi for loans

E- Commerce : Marketing plans for different businesses.

With the help of unique advertising sources and content placements our data management team targets built around the behavior of the customer and their preferences to generate profit keeping in mind cost-effectiveness , fast conversions,end to end monitoring qualified and reliable leads.

At bulk SMS shop for lead generation we focus on

  • Target market research
  • Successful and quality leads
  • Comprehensive effort
  • Market based strategies
  • Intended audience
  • Lesser burden on Sales Team.

with vast data base your business will get proactive prospects that will convert hot and authenticated leads into real time. We believe in online sales through

Paid Ads

Social Media

Content Marketing

Leads which will only give you with potential prospects

How it Works

We ensure lead quality feedback through affiliated campaigns. Our team with your team together set metrics and standard based on agreed level of leads through right approach. At bulk sms shop we are skilled in working on organizations that sells b2b products & services.

We generate leads through CPA/ CPL and drive web traffic

Cost per acquisition: in affiliate marketing the lead action can be making a purchase, getting a quote, watching a video or filling out a form.

CPA is a financial metric used to measure the revenue impact of a marketing campaign.

Ad network will give customer the option of choosing between cpa/cpc(cost per click),

Most of the time CPA is preferred by marketers as in this you are paying for a direct result.

CPL:Cost Per Leads

CPL leads are more likely to convert here the customer is directed to opt in to marketing campaign .

It can be discount, coupons or sign up offers etc.

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