Rich Communication Services


What is RCS?

RCS (Rich Communication Services) is a next-generation SMS protocol that upgrades text messages with Rich features like branding, media, and analytics.



SMS has its limitations

  • No branding
  • No pictures
  • No video
  • No read receipts
  • Limited interaction


RCS has new benefits

  • Full branding
  • Rich pictures
  • High quality videos
  • Read receipts with time stamp
  • Suggested replies
  • Aligned to the GSMAs Universal RCS Profile

Richer Media

  • High resolution photos
  • Videos, GIFs,
  • Solves MMS incompatibility

More conversational

  • Suggested replies
  • Suggested actions
  • AI capabilities

Benefits for brands and consumers

Better Metrics / Data

  • Delivery receipts
  • Read receipts including exact open-time

Trusted Messages

  • Verified business checkmark
  • Full brand name instead of random ID
  • Customization of color / logo for brand
  • Brand safety with clocking unwanted brands
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